‘Big Miz’s debut album is a fearless representation of his diversity and talent as a producer.’

Glasgow has become Scotland’s recognised home of talented DJs and producers; with the likes of Jasper James, Denis Sulta and Jackmaster emerging on the fine platform for young talent that is Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. It is also home to a legendary outlet ‘ Rub-a-Dub Records ’, supplying great records to the city, and cool venues to showcase the talent; such as the legendary ‘Sub Club’ and ‘La Cheetah’. All of this has contributed to Glasgow becoming a fast-evolving electronic music capital.

Big Miz is the latest by-product of all of this. Developing a unique style as a DJ; Chris MacFarlane, aka Big Miz, has had a breakthrough year. Denis Sulta has been more than happy to take him under his wing, with Big Miz supporting him on various occasions throughout 2017 which enhanced his profile; coupled with his excellent releases which have delivered time and time again such as ‘The Bomb’. Also, adding a Boiler Room to his portfolio, it was a real coup to have him play at our event ‘Suburban Paranoia?’ with O’Flynn back in September. Since then his status has doubled, playing at huge shows such as ‘Mastermix’ in Bristol last month and ‘The Dirty Disco’ in Leeds a couple of weeks back. He is also starting to fill his diary for 2018 with sets at Fabric and Patterns coming soon.

Marking his 4th release on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Big Miz presents Build/Destroy; a mixed bag of tracks built for sending everyone wild in a club and getting weird at an after party. Based on this concept of ‘build for the club, destroy for the after party’, the album is also influenced by the buildings being torn down around Glasgow. All recorded from his bedroom, the album starts off with funky intentions making your body groove effortlessly. “Straight Thru Cru” possesses a dirty disco sound of a pounding beat, accompanied by a funky rhythm and shrieking vocals. From this we move swiftly on to “Our House” which has become recognised as one of the most popular tracks on the album, possessing an old-school house influence in the form of a catchy piano riff. “Hammond Groove” comes next and is another standout track from the album; appearing to find influence from the Chicago sound, with striking synths diving in and out of the beat, which dominate this fast-paced track.

Next, we enter “The Hadal Zone” where we begin to delve into the depths of the after party, experimental sounds. The chorus is reminiscent of an extra-terrestrial transmission trying to make contact with earth. In the next track “Exchange with an alien” we receive this transmission and begin to exchange as the tempo slows and we realise we have really met our match with this album, as the extra-terrestrial elements invade the mind and make you move. After this exchange, we extend upwards from space with “High Heavens” – a simpler track which mixes a whole bunch of sounds from cowbells, chimes and bells driven by a drum beat. In “Call Da Cops” the striking synths return accompanied by a continuous kick drum and perilous laughter echoing around the track, perhaps laughing at your attempts to understand what the hell is going on. The evil feel is continued with the final two tracks; “The Great Beast” which features a stomping beat picking up the pace; building and releasing tension via the sinister synths, as if this beast is continuously drawing closer and closer. The album closes with “Gear Tension”, a tight-knit, gritty tune which also appears to rise in tension and then allow you to relax for a few moments, before hitting you hard once more.

Every single one of these tracks possesses a faultless, unique sound. This album is a mixture of pounding, funky and synth-led house and techno to throw your fists at in the club, accompanied by some remarkably creative cosmic boogie which results in giving the album so much character. Many young house and techno producers would shy away from putting tracks such as “Exchange with an Alien” on their debut album, which shows just how gutsy Big Miz is. He is a force to be reckoned with in the world of underground dance music and the album is a fearless representation of his diversity and talent as a producer.

RELEASE DATE: 26.01.18
STAND OUT TRACKS: “Straight Thru Cru”, “Our House”, “Hammond Groove”, “The Great Beast”.

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