Under Black Helmet

Friday 07 Sep

Rye Wax see map

Under Black Helmet is bringing thick techno to a dark basement with a pleasingly swampy sound system, is there anymore one could need? 

Under Black Helmet [CODE IS LAW/ MORD] is a wicked upcoming DJ with a record bag to be reckoned with, and a clutch of releases consistently stocked in Hard Wax, THE institute of Techno. 

Comes from Lithuania
Makes music in Berlin
Lives in a pineapple under the sea

(Quick artist test: delete one of the above as appropriate. You will be tested on the door)

Joining the mix is French born, intergalactic mermaid GiGi FM, London based DJ and producer TRUSKA and returning is our long-lost musical friend 4TE.

Their music is the sound of shuddering electronics and twisted diodes that have been thoroughly stripped of their rights, both Geneva and Statutory. This bitter soup is lovingly poured into a warm and crusty bowl of undulating machine rhythms that’ll have you shaking a leg from Southwark to Sydenham. Bring your dancing shoes - we recommend clogs or ballet flats.

Watch this space and cop tickets now to squeeze more precious red stripes from your pitiful weekend budget.

  • Early Bird - £6.00
  • Standard - £7.00

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