Incognito w/ Emika (DJ Set) and DJ Skull

Friday 14 Dec

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Incognito Radio has been browsing for a gift. We’ve come up with something even better than cornershop wine. We’re going to be playing host to two international heavyweights in our biggest soiree yet - Emika and DJ Skull at CLF Art Cafe, Bussey Building for a London exclusive. And with a specially pumped-up sound system, we’re not sure what will be left standing afterwards.

Emika should need no introduction, with a stellar career as a producer, live performer and DJ spanning nearly a decade. From early releases on Ninja Tune in the heady days of dubstep’s implosion to becoming a techno stalwart on the continent, she marries dizzying, paranoid sound design to an impeccable musicality. Absent from London for a hot minute, we’re raring to hear one of her confounding and invigorating sets.

And in the red corner, we have DJ Skull. A Chicago legend who came up in the first wave of house, his prestige runs deeper than almost any artist we could care to name. He’s a producer and DJ with a rap sheet longer than your arm, coming to the rave with skills and plates that can’t be imitated. Prepare to be accosted by an unseemly collection of tracks that will leave you confused, upset, and hurting for more.

Along with the main event, we’ve got none other than Coe representing Pretty Pretty Good, one of the nation’s finest roving parties. He’s shared lineups with some of Europe’s elite selectors and is breathing down their necks for a spot of his own. Grab a low-calorie lager and check out this rising talent.

And the esteemed understudy to this sordid affair is none other than Trixalade. A legend in his own right and veteran of countless all-night sets, he will come packing a wide and only slightly silly range of genres. Rumour has it that NASA has plans to launch one of his mixes into space as the premier representation of human spirit - and if that’s not true then they’ve certainly missed a trick.

Being a grown-up, you can make your own decisions. But bear in mind that we’re expecting a sold-out tickets situation, and that’s not just from wishful speculation. Last time we had to turn away scores of people.

  • Early Bird - £7.00
  • First Release - £8.00
  • Second Release - £10.00

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