Incognito w/ Guests

Friday 29 Mar

Rye Wax see map

"So we’re back for more, this time once again invading the tenebrosity of our beloved Rye Wax, the basement from whence we came upon landing in the Capital back in Autumn of last year. We’ve been browsing deeper, darker, bigger, harder, beyond our realm and into the extraterrestrial to unearth you a lineup that will have you convulsing with the angst of a disobedient teenager whose mum’s making them stay home."

The aliens are coming and they take form in the Jovian-beings SAYTEK LIVE, VIERS, OK WILLIAMS and ROUGH. Masters of the hardest, heaviest and most unorthodox oddities, will grace our basement home. Concocting astronomical foreign sounds for your ears, right before your very eyes. This night will become something of a mythological tale and must be seen for oneself to truly believe.

The invasion begins at 23:00.

Tickets: £7-8 or £10 on the door + Vial of DNA

"Don't worry about 29th March, the UK is going to get sucked into a black hole anyway...That hole happens to be a basement in Peckham" - Brexit.

  • First Release - £8.00

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