Afternoon Affair

Saturday 25 Jan

Rye Wax see map

Saturday 25th January - it's an afternoon affair, let Incognito brighten up your 2020 - as we'll be manifesting power and success through sturdy local selectors in Rye Wax Records!

The chosen leaders for our first daytime affair are the following:
Bailey Ibbs., Alisha (D-LISH), Arya Rinaldo, Big-Hen and our Incognito Radio Residents will be on board - all working in harmony to help you achieve a higher sense of self.

The above artists are going to cleanse your mind on soul taking us down a spiralling tunnel of enthralling, hypnotic Garage beats, intertwined with groovy, psychedelic UK funky tones- taking us all the way under and then blowing the roof off the place with tunes you can’t help but move your little body to.

Also, Bocachica London will be serving the finest Dominican food in LDN until late in the night.

...Oh yeah, and it's Free!

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