Number 20!

@Kliin (Krzysztof Karlsson) resident DJ and club promoter(Uranus, Erectus, SPIT & Techno Polo) active in the Swedish ambient/electronica and underground techno scene.

Kliin has been absolutely instrumental in combining the underground techno scene with the gay club community in Stockholm into a potent amalgamation. Two cultures operating in the fringe of society, mustering energy and power from the existence and actions of those who refused to “choose life”, or never had the choice at all. A common ground for those that have to hide to be able to show themselves. The queer, the misfits, the dissenters, the beautiful people of the night. You can’t put a leash on these people (unless it’s fine leather) but on the dance floor, Kliin is their natural shepherd.

Born and raised in Poland, kliin found his way into the Swedish techno scene in the 90’s as his love for bands like Depeche Mode and New Order acted as a gateway drug to heavier abuse – lethal stuff like Plastikman, Laurent Garnier and Underworld. To this day, kliin retains his affection for all of the above. He has now been an integral part of the electronic underground scene in Stockholm for ten years, and while his current DJ sets rely heavily on grim industrial techno, his synth and EBM background still shines through.


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